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              Interview with Anthony Lord
              cou-bha OHP.001-088-001-001 · Item · 2019-04-10
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Anthony Lord conducted 2019-04-10. Lord first moved to Breckenridge in the fall of 1972-73 at 19 years old. He began working at the ski area on weekends while going to school. He didn't have a car, so he would hitchhike to the area every weekend. His first full-time job in the county was hanging drywall.

              Lord, Anthony
              Interview with Bill Tinker
              cou-bha OHP.001-092-001-001 · Item · 2019-04-30
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Bill Tinker conducted 2019-04-30. Tinker originally came to Colorado to fulfill his draft requirement by signing up with the Army Reserves. He came to Breckenridge following construction work.

              Tinker, Bill
              Interview with Bob Rianoshek
              cou-bha OHP.001-041-001-001 · Item · 2018-04-19
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Bob Rianoshek conducted 2018-04-19. Rianoshek moved to Breckenridge around 1977 and began working construction on Georgian Square. He originally came to the area to visit his brothers over the prior years.

              cou-bha OHP.001-082-001-001 · Item · 2018-11-17
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Part one of a two-part interview with Cheryl and Jim Beck conducted 2018-11-17. Jim first came to Breckenridge a couple weeks after the ski area originally opened in 1961-62. He competed in a ski race and swore he'd never come back. In late-1963, he moved to Breckenridge and began working at an excavating company.

              Beck, Cheryl
              cou-bha OHP.001-095-001-001 · Item · 2019-06-17
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Dan and Emma Kigar conducted 2019-06-17. Dan first came to Breckenridge in 1973. He and a friend came out together and began working for a crew digging a tennis court by the old post office. Emma came to Breckenridge in 1974 en route to Alaska. Emma decided to stay and moved into an old mining cabin.

              Kigar, Dan
              cou-bha OHP.001-004-001-002 · Item · 2021-07-26
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Part 2 of an interview with Frank Comstock focusing on construction in the Breckenridge area starting in 1969. Comstock worked drywall when he first arrived in the county, working on early construction for the ski resort and the belltower.

              Comstock, Frank
              Interview with Greg Sullivan
              cou-bha OHP.001-102-001-001 · Item · 2019-08-12
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Greg Sullivan conducted 2019-08-12. Sullivan first came to Breckenridge in August 1971 shortly after turning 18 years old. He had hitchhiked to the area from Erie, Pennsylvania. He rented an apartment at the Red Roost at the corner of Adams and Harris Street. Sullivan began working in construction on modular homes in French Gulch.

              Sullivan, Greg
              cou-bha OHP.001-096-001-001 · Item · 2019-06-27
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Jim and Kathy Bunting conducted 2019-06-27. Jim first came to Breckenridge in October 1972. He had learned how to ski at Camp Hale as part of his Army service and was planning to move to Leadville. He instead moved to Breckenridge to ski. Kathy came to Breckenridge on April 2, 1974.

              Bunting, Jim
              cou-bha OHP.001-097-001-001 · Item · 2019-07-03
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Mark Karas and Stacey (Karas) Gervasi conducted 2019-07-03. The Karas family frequently vacationed in Breckenridge from Youngstown, Ohio. They moved to Breckenridge full-time in October 1971, living in a brick house on Main Street. Mark was in eighth grade at the time and Stacey was in fourth grade. Their father worked at a ski shop in town and worked construction in the summer.

              Karas, Mark
              cou-bha OHP.001-093-001-001 · Item · 2019-06-11
              Part of BHA Oral History Project

              Interview with Martha Enyeart conducted 2019-06-11. Enyeart first moved from Denver to Summit County with her family when she was 5 years old. Her family originally lived in Old Dillon. Her uncle Ira was postmaster at the time and her grandparents also lived in the county. Her family ran a small restaurant and also worked in construction. Her father became sheriff, her husband was a county commissioner and her mother-in-law was the county clerk. At the time, Martha worked on the election board.

              Enyeart, Martha (Loomis)
              cou-bha BHA.0020-196 · Item · 1908-1909
              Part of Summit Historical Society Photograph Collection

              Looking west on Lincoln Avenue from High Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1909-1910, soon after the brick school building (left) was constructed in 1909 and before the 1882-built frame schoolhouse (center) was demolished. The Summit County Courthouse (right) is under construction on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and French Street; sharing the lot is Father Dyer United Methodist Church (far right), before it was moved to its present location on Wellington Road.

              cou-bha BHA.0020-096 · Item
              Part of Summit Historical Society Photograph Collection

              Men use sledgehammers on a section of riveted metal pipeline that leads down the slope of a hill, probably Gold Hill north of Breckenridge, Colorado. The pipe was used to feed water downhill to a hydroelectric power plant. This may be part of the hydro-plant operations that drew water from Straight Creek to produce power down the Lower Blue River valley.

              cou-bha JTS.001-001-001-094 · Item · 1962-1972
              Part of John A. Topolnicki Sr. Photographic Collection

              On Main Street in front of the Gold Pan Bar and Restaurant, two young men stand on the roof of a station wagon fully loaded with cut logs. A red Ford pickup truck is parked directly behind. Several signs hang on or in front of the building: "Good Food", "Pepsi - Café" and above the north entrance, "Featuring - Breakfast - Special - Lunches - Complete - Dinners". A neon sign in the window advertises "Coors on tap". In the background is a view of a building under construction. In Breckenridge, Colorado.

              Topolnicki Sr., John A.