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A boy outside the Breckenridge schoolhouse on Harris Street

A boy stands in the snowy landscape outside the schoolhouse on Harris Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, circa 1898. Built in 1882, the two-story wood frame schoolhouse featured a bell and cupola centered on the simple gable roof and a shed addition on the south side. Brick chimneys rise from both gable ends and sash windows are pedimented throughout. Next door is a side gable frame house. In the foreground is a wooden sidewalk running along the east side of Harris Street. The schoolhouse was torn down and replaced with a brick structure in 1909.


A cableway transports boulders from the Gold Pan Mining Company excavation pit south of Breckenridge

A cableway transports excavated boulders from the Gold Pan Pit at the Gold Pan Mining Company operations just south of Breckenridge, Colorado. Boulders larger than 8 inches were lifted from the pit by rectangular metal platforms edged on three sides called "stone boats". The cableway transported and disposed the rocks away from the pit. Barney Ford Hill in the background. Early 1900s.


A dog asleep in the parlor room of the Finding house on Main Street, Breckenridge

A dog is asleep on the carpeted floor of the parlor in Charles A. and Martha (Silverthorn) Finding's house on Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1893. The room is furnished with area rugs, a secretary desk, a bookcase and a wicker rocking chair in the bay window. Anchoring the room is an ornate cast iron parlor stove. Decorative items throughout include framed pictures and photographs, porcelain plates supported on easels, seashells and vases. Doilies, antimacassars and tasseled cloth runners cover chair backs and tables and heavy tasseled curtains drape the opening to the adjacent music room. A large book is displayed on a metal book stand, probably the Family Bible.


A man at his desk in the office of the Colorado Telephone Company in Breckenridge

A man sits in a chair facing away from his desk inside the Colorado Telephone Company in Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1899-1920s. On the desk are books, stacks of papers, inkwells and a candlestick telephone (also known as upright desk stands). The carpeted office is also furnished with typewriter desk with a typewriter on top, a wood secretary filled with books, and a bookstand. Taxidermy, two framed "State of Colorado Certificate of Authority" documents, and a hand crank telephone (or telegraph) hang on the wallpapered wall. The company began providing service to Breckenridge in 1899.


A man fishes while another man pans for gold outside a cabin in Illinois Gulch, east of Breckenridge

Two men outside a rustic log cabin in Illinois Gulch, east of Breckenridge, Colorado. One man fishes from a log bridge while the other man pans for gold near the cabin entrance. Smoke from the Colorado and Southern (C&S) railroad locomotive is visible on Rocky Point above. Circa early 1900s.

Westerman, Otto

A man sits at a desk in the offices of the Gold Pan Mining Company in Breckenridge

A man sits at a desk in the offices of the Gold Pan Mining Company on South Ridge Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. A half wall lined with drawers, shelving and teller windows separates the office from the public space. Hanging on the wall behind him is a row of clipboards and more file drawers, and a clock. Circa early 1900s.


A woman poses at a mining structure east of Breckenridge

A woman smiles as she sits on a piece of board placed across the wooden beams of a mine structure east of Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1890s. She wears a straw boater style hat, high collared shirtwaist, and ankle length skirt with matching jacket. The jacket has a button front and puffed sleeves. The snow covered peaks of the Tenmile Range are in the background.


A women wearing a white dress poses with her bicycle

A woman in a belted white dress and flat wide brim hat poses with her bicycle in front of a leafy bush. She wears black wool stockings and black leather lace up shoes. Behind her is a wrought iron gate and fence bordering what appears to be a dirt sidewalk and a road. In the background is a frame house with a porch, and trees. Probably in Denver, Colorado. Circa 1890s.


Actors pose on stage at the G.A.R. Hall in Breckenridge

Actors pose on stage after the performance held April 11-12, 1913 at the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Hall in Breckenridge, Colorado. Back row, from left to right: Harry Evans, Director; [unidentified]; Laura Paris; [unidentified]; "Mrs. Jones"; Charles Burnheimer; Rose Cummings; [unidentified]; William Briggle. Middle row: Craig Bouton; Agnes Roby. Front row, sitting: Zoe (Gore) Perrin; [unidentified].


Adolph Bader and another man pose in front of a leafy tree

Adolph Bader stands with another man in front of a leafy tree or bush. Location unidentified, probably in Colorado. They wear round-brimmed fedora-style hats and are dressed in suits and vests with neckties. The man on the left wears pinstriped pants and is holding a cigar. The other man wears a pinstriped collared shirt with a wide diagonal-striped necktie under his unbuttoned vest. He appears to be holding a rolled cigarette. Circa 1900s.


An elderly man with a cane outside a storefront on Main Street, Breckenridge, circa after 1912

An elderly man wearing a beret leans on his cane outside a store on Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa after 1912, when the wooden sidewalks were replaced by concrete. The storefront windows advertise "Cigars - Tobacco & Candles - Newsstand". Inside the doorway, a tall glass tabletop cabinet with a curved glass front displays merchandise. More items are displayed in the windows, including card mount photographs on easels.


An office with rolltop desks in the Gold Pan Mining Company building in Breckenridge

Office in the Gold Pan Mining Company building on South Ridge Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa early 1900s. The room is furnished with two rolltop desks facing each other, a drafting table under one of the two windows, and a radiator. Against one wall is a wood card file cabinet with numerous small drawers over larger drawers; lower shelves are filled with ledger books. More books are on top of one of the desks, and framed certificates adorn the wallpapered walls. Hanging from the wallpapered ceiling is a four globe light fixture.


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