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A boy stands in the snowy landscape outside the wood frame schoolhouse on Harris Street in Breckenridge

A boy stands in the snowy landscape outside the schoolhouse on Harris Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, circa 1898. Built in 1882, the two-story wood frame schoolhouse featured a bell and cupola centered on the simple gable roof and a shed addition on the south side. Brick chimneys rise from both gable ends and sash windows are pedimented throughout. Next door is a side gable frame house. In the foreground is a wooden sidewalk running along the east side of Harris Street. The schoolhouse was torn down and replaced with a brick structure in 1909.


A couple pose near the Yuba, Continental dredge on the Blue River

A man and woman, probably Carl and Esther Kaiser, stand in front of a gold dredge. Signs and notices on the dredge warn "No Admittance" and "Danger No Trespassing". Handwritten caption on the front: "Gold dredge managed by Carl Kaiser 1933-1938". The Yuba, Continental dredge (No. 9) operated on the Blue River from 1917 to 1938, when it was dismantled and moved to Fairplay, Colorado. It was the last of the nine dredges operating around Breckenridge.

A couple take a break from skiing on a ski run at Breckenridge ski area

Two skiers take a break from skiing on a ski run on Peak 8 at the Breckenridge ski area in Colorado. The man wears a striped sweater over a white turtleneck, tan ski pants and no hat. Standing upslope from him is a woman dressed in a red jacket and black ski pants. Her blonde hair is loose and covered with a light blue headband. She wears dark framed sunglasses even though the sky is overcast and cloudy.

Topolnicki Sr., John A.

A dog asleep in the parlor room of Charles A. and Martha (Silverthorn) Finding's house on Main Street, Breckenridge

A dog is asleep on the carpeted floor of the parlor in Charles A. and Martha (Silverthorn) Finding's house on Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1893. The room is furnished with area rugs, a secretary desk, a bookcase and a wicker rocking chair in the bay window. Anchoring the room is an ornate cast iron parlor stove. Decorative items throughout include framed pictures and photographs, porcelain plates supported on easels, seashells and vases. Doilies, antimacassars and tasseled cloth runners cover chair backs and tables and heavy tasseled curtains drape the opening to the adjacent music room. A large book is displayed on a metal book stand, probably the Family Bible.


A family poses outside a two story house with a picket fence, probably in Breckenridge

A family poses outside a house, probably in Breckenridge, Colorado. A woman sits upright in a hammock strung between the corner of the house where it meets a one story addition. Next to her a man wearing a bowler or derby hat sits in a chair. Two young boys, one wearing a straw boater hat, stand nearby. A picket fence borders the two story side gable clapboard house. Circa 1890s.


A girl and boy playfully pull at opposite ends of the boy's suit coat

A girl and boy playfully pull at opposite ends of the boy's suit coat outside Breckenridge High School on Harris Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. This game is often called "Tug of War". Quoted from text handwritten below the photograph: "Little Angels". Card mount has uneven edges, possibly cut from a larger poster or other type of display.


A man and dog outside the remains of a snow tunnel on Main Street, Breckenridge during the Big Snow of 1899

Melting snow exposes one of the tunnels that had been used to access businesses on Main Street, Breckenridge, during the "Big Snow" winter of 1898-1899. A man reaches to hold the paw of a dog sitting with both front legs raised up off the ground. In the background are false front buildings and a side gable structure. "April 14th, '99" is handwritten on the reverse.


A man at his desk in the office of the Colorado Telephone Company in Breckenridge

A man sits in a chair facing away from his desk inside the Colorado Telephone Company in Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1899-1920s. On the desk are books, stacks of papers, inkwells and a candlestick telephone (also known as upright desk stands). The carpeted office is also furnished with typewriter desk with a typewriter on top, a wood secretary filled with books, and a bookstand. Taxidermy, two framed "State of Colorado Certificate of Authority" documents, and a hand crank telephone (or telegraph) hang on the wallpapered wall. The company began providing service to Breckenridge in 1899.


A man plays piano on stage in a restaurant in Breckenridge

A man plays piano on stage in the dimly lit lounge of a restaurant or bar in Breckenridge, Colorado. The rustic interior has hardwood floor and is clad in wood paneling. Beams run across the pitched or vaulted ceiling. A woman sits on the rustic log railing that borders the stage. In the foreground a large wooden wagon wheel leans against the wall.

Topolnicki Sr., John A.

A man stops to look at the view as he ascends a snowy mountain slope near Montezuma, Colorado

A man with snowshoes or skis stops to view something in the distance as he ascends through the trees on a mountain slope. He wears a beret, overcoat with scarf and mittens, and pants tucked into high boots. Snowy mountain range in the background. Probably Montezuma or Peru Creek area in Summit County, Colorado.

Sayre Sr., Robert H.

"A pack train."

A miner's pack (or jack) train loaded with supplies, including a stove. Two burros stand on a dirt road lined with wooden frame buildings. Title quoted from handwritten caption on card mount: "A pack train."

Westerman, Otto

A piece of driftwood that resembles a fish, from Lake Dillon in Colorado

Postcard, "Colorado Photography" by John Topolnicki. Scalloped edges. Caption on the reverse: "Fishing is Good in Summit County, Colorado" and "As a matter of fact it is excellent!! Many miles of water - water - cold fresh water - makes the fishing better than good. Fabulous fishing awaits you. Blue River, Snake River and Ten Mile Creek, not to mention Lake Dillon where this character was located. The fishing is out of this world."

Topolnicki Sr., John A.

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