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Group portrait of the Breckenridge volunteer fire department

Group portrait of the Breckenridge volunteer fire department. The men wear shorts over longjohns, some with a sash tied around the waist. Some men wear a neckscarf and/or a hat. On the reverse is handwritten: "probably volunteer fire dept Breckenridge" and photographer's stamp: "W.D. Churchill, Breckenridge, Colo."

Churchill, W.D.

Stereoview card captioned "Railroading, From Como to Breckenridge. D.S.P. RR"

Stereoview card showing Denver, South Park and Pacific (DSP&P) narrow gauge railroad tracks with Barney Ford Hill in the background. Title quoted from printed caption: "1739. Railroading, From Como to Breckenridge. D.S.P. RR." Along the short edges of the card: "Published at Georgetown, Colorado" and "Alex Martin, Rocky Mountain Views". On the reverse is handwritten: "East side Boreas Pass between Como & Breckenridge - Dorothy Shaw." Late 1880s.


Town of Breckenridge Business License Form (ca. 1880s)

Blank business license form issued from the State of Colorado by Authority of the Town of Breckenridge. Permission is given to the license applicant to "maintain and carry on the following described business of ____". The License sets term limits and has blank signature spaces for a Witness, the Recorder, and Mayor.

Town of Breckenridge Clerk's Office

Railroad tracks through Platte Canyon in Colorado

Railroad tracks through Platte Canyon, along the Platte River. Cathedral Peaks in the background. Handwritten on the reverse "Cathedral Peaks in Platte Canon [sic] Below Buffalo, Colo" and stamped "O. Westerman, Photographer, Breckenridge, - Colorado."

Westerman, Otto

Women in 18th century costume perform a dance on a small wooden stage, probably in Breckenridge

Women dressed in 18th century period costume dance in pairs on a small wooden stage with makeshift curtain backdrop. Star-patterned bunting hangs on the wall. They wear their hair pulled up, pinned in a bun and powdered. Possibly a performance celebrating the U.S. Centennial (1776-1876). Location undetermined, probably in Breckenridge.


People outside a two story house with a picket fence, probably in Breckenridge

A family poses outside a house, probably in Breckenridge, Colorado. A woman sits upright in a hammock strung between the corner of the house where it meets a one story addition. Next to her a man wearing a bowler or derby hat sits in a chair. Two young boys, one wearing a straw boater hat, stand nearby. A picket fence borders the two story side gable clapboard house. Circa 1890s.


Town of Breckenridge General Ledger (1881-1892)

Town of Breckenridge Journal (General Ledger) dated 1881 through 1892. Contains an inventory of the "Resources and Liabilities of the Town of Breckenridge at the close of the fiscal year ending April 8th 1881," a list of the "Officers of the Town," a "Memorandum" from the Town Marshall. Includes license fees, bills payable, general fund, police court fines and jail expenses, expenses related to hospital and fire department, "Sundries" and more.

Town of Breckenridge Clerk's Office

Men pose with decorated bicycles on Main Street, Breckenridge

Looking south on Main Street, Breckenridge, a group of men and one boy stand with their bicycles decorated for an Independence Day celebration or parade on July 4, 1893. The curvilinear false-front of the Arlington House (Hotel) is partly visible in the right foreground. Title quoted from printed text on the item: "4th of July, 1893".


Charles Finding in the office of his hardware store on Main Street, Breckenridge

Interior of the C.A. Finding Hardware Store on Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado, circa 1894. Charles Finding, in suitcoat and necktie, leans on a desk against the wall. Another well-dressed man stands nearby. Potted plants line the shelf above and in the window. Calendars (dated 1891, 1892, 1893 and 1894) and illustrated posters and prints decorate the wall. A wooden spindle railing separates the office area from public space, with an ornate parlor stove on either side. Another desk, a bookcase and office chairs furnish the room and the corner edge of a glass case is visible in the foreground. Quoted from handwritten text on the reverse: "Probably Mr. Miner's office in his hardware store Breckenridge. Calendar on wall - October 1894".


"View on Farncom hill."

The Great Flume going around the hill opposite Mount Guyot (in background), northeast of Breckenridge, Colorado in autumn of 1895. In the snow, a man stands next to the waist-high wooden flume while a dog sits on top. Title quoted from handwritten caption on card mount: "View on Farncom [sic] hill."

Westerman, Otto

"Placer mining by hydrolic pressure on Farncom hill."

Hydraulic mining operations in American Gulch below Farncomb Hill near Breckenridge, Colorado, in 1895. Shows the Great Flume, Victoria mill and Wapiti Mining Company's mine buildings. Or, could possibly be the buildings of Dog Town. Title quoted from handwritten caption on card mount: "Placer mining by hydrolic [sic] pressure on Farncom [sic] hill."

Westerman, Otto

"View showing first fire on the Mountains"

Looking west down Washington Avenue in Breckenridge, Colorado at smoke from a huge fire burning near town, circa 1895. Far right is the 1882-built wooden schoolhouse. Title quoted from handwritten caption on card mount: "View showing first fire on the Mountains".

Westerman, Otto

Town of Breckenridge Register of Licenses (1882-1895)

Annual register of licenses issued to Breckenridge proprietors for saloons, billiard and pool tables, "expressmen, shows", "peddlers, shows", "bawdy house liquor licenses" and more. Also includes register of water licenses issued to individuals or businesses (such as hotels, restaurants, boarding houses, barber shop). Handwritten content lists when the license was issued, length of term issued, for what, amount, and when the license expires. For the years 1882 through 1895.

Town of Breckenridge Clerk's Office

The Briggle's wedding portrait photographs in silk embroidered matting

Portrait photographs of Kathleen Trotter Briggle and William H. Briggle. Enclosed in a wood picture frame, matted with silk thread floral embroidery on silk. Caption quoted from print on the cardboard backing the frame: "Wedding picture of Mr. & Mrs. William Briggle, Breckenridge, Colo. If Frankie doesn't want it, it is to go to the Summit Co, Colo. Museum". And handwritten: "Embroidery is Mrs. Briggle".

Briggle, Kathleen (Trotter)

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