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Wooden buildings

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A boy stands in the snowy landscape outside the wood frame schoolhouse on Harris Street in Breckenridge

A boy stands in the snowy landscape outside the schoolhouse on Harris Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, circa 1898. Built in 1882, the two-story wood frame schoolhouse featured a bell and cupola centered on the simple gable roof and a shed addition on the south side. Brick chimneys rise from both gable ends and sash windows are pedimented throughout. Next door is a side gable frame house. In the foreground is a wooden sidewalk running along the east side of Harris Street. The schoolhouse was torn down and replaced with a brick structure in 1909.


"A pack train."

A miner's pack (or jack) train loaded with supplies, including a stove. Two burros stand on a dirt road lined with wooden frame buildings. Title quoted from handwritten caption on card mount: "A pack train."

Westerman, Otto

A snow plow on a snowy road in Aspen, Colorado

A snow plow moves snow to the side of a road in Aspen, Colorado. In the background is a two-story wood frame house. Handwritten on the reverse: "Aspen (?)". Stamped "RAYS LaCrosse, Wis. Nationally Known Guaranteed Prints" and "A24."


Breckenridge railroad yards during the Big Snow of 1899

Snow cleared from the railroad tracks and spur that serviced the Kilton Sampler at the Kilton Gold Reduction Company west of Breckenridge, Colorado, during the winter of the "Big Snow" of 1898-1899. Quoted from print on reverse: "R R yds Breckenridge 1899".


Concrete sidewalks line Main Street, Breckenridge, circa after 1912

Buildings fronted with concrete sidewalks line both sides of Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado, looking north. Circa after 1912. Utility poles line the east side of the dirt packed street. Across the street, two men and a dog stand outside the building adjacent to Evans Pharmacy. To the right is the Denver Hotel. The balcony and covered portico has been removed and boards are placed across the second floor doors. Next is a front gable two and half story frame building, then Bruch's Barbershop and Store with a barber pole out front. Further north is the Silverthorn Hotel.


Conrad L. Westerman's house on French Street in Breckenridge

Conrad Leslie (C.L.) Westerman's house on French Street, between Lincoln and Carter Avenues, in Breckenridge, Colorado. The two-story front gable wood frame home with bay window faced south. Covered front porch trimmed with decorative brackets. Two women sit on each gate post at the entrance to the home while three smartly dressed men lean on the fence. A wooden sidewalk runs along the front of the property and abruptly ends in dirt.

Westerman, Otto

Corner Saloon on North Main Street in Breckenridge

The west side of North Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado, circa 1890s-early 1900s. Men stand on the wooden sidewalk outside the Corner Saloon owned by Johnny Dewers. Next door is a two-story flat roof building with awnings that advertise "W.P. Condon - Hardware - Dry Goods". More false front and wood frame buildings line the dirt packed street.


Denver Hotel on snow covered Main Street, Breckenridge

The Denver Hotel on the west side of snow covered Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado during the "Big Snow" event of 1898-1899. Snowfall totaled over 32 feet that winter; it was so deep it reached the hotel's second-floor balcony. The two-story wood frame building featured paired gables and a shared false-front with the words "DENVER HOTEL". The Post Office shares the hotel's covered portico. Next door is a false front building with signs announcing "Bankrupt Stock" in the storefront windows.


Freemasons pose in the snow outside Masonic Lodge No. 47 on Main Street, Breckenridge

Freemasons pose in the snow for a group portrait outside Masonic Lodge No. 47, on the corner of Main Street and Washington Avenue in Breckenridge, Colorado. The young men are dressed in sack suits, neckties and hats. Standing in the back row: [unidentified], Clyde McAdoo (on the right). Middle row: [unidentified], Oscar Paris (with white necktie), [unidentified]. Kneeling, front row: Harry Player, Bill Davis, [unidentified]. The two-story false front clapboard building has a glass storefront with an inset entry. Above between two sash windows is the Masonic symbol "G" enclosed in a square and compass and the number "47". Circa 1900s-1920s.


"Frisco, an ideal village in the Mountains."

A girl and a boy pose with children sitting astride two burros stopped in the center of Main Street, Frisco, Colorado. The girl stands with her hand on her hip, holding one burro's bridle. The boy has his arm laid across the same burro's back. Wooden buildings and wooden boardwalks line either side of the dirt road. In the distance is the base of Mount Royal (left) and Mount Wichita (right). Title quoted from handwritten caption on card mount: "Frisco, an ideal village in the Mountains."

Westerman, Otto

Group portrait of all students attending Breckenridge Public School in 1901

Group portrait of all grades attending Breckenridge Public School in 1901. The students pose with their teachers in front of the 1882-built two-story frame building on Harris Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. A group of boys stand on top of the portico behind a sign with the words "Public School District No. 1". One student is identified: 3rd row, from the front, 7th person on the left is Roberta Klinesmith (married name Sharp). The schoolhouse was torn down and replaced with a brick structure in 1909.


Group portrait of men in military uniform

Group portrait of men in military uniform holding firearms. On the far-left stand two men with drums. Behind them is a large wood frame building. Location undetermined; could be the G.A.R. building in Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa mid- to late 1800s.


Group portrait of students and their teacher in front of the Breckenridge schoolhouse

Students pose outside with their teacher in front of the windows of a clapboard building, probably the 1882-built schoolhouse located on Harris Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. The wood frame schoolhouse was torn down and replaced with a brick structure in 1909. On the reverse is handwritten: "school pix - (?)".

Westerman, Otto

J. Frank Willis with his bicycle outside his house on Gibson Hill, east of Breckenridge

J. Frank Willis' one and half story front gable frame house on Gibson Hill, east of Breckenridge, Colorado. Circa 1880s-1903. Outside, Willis holds his bicycle by the handle as he props his left foot on the bike pedal. A second bike leans against a tree by a dirt path. He wears a cap, coat, and knickers with stockings.


John Topolnicki's photography shop on Main Street, Breckenridge

"Ski Photography Shoppe" on Main Street in Breckenridge, Colorado. Owner John A. Topolnicki, Sr. photographed Colorado backcountry scenes, abandoned mine sites and views of early Breckenridge, Arapahoe Basin, Keystone and Steamboat Springs ski resorts. He turned his photographs into postcards and posters for sale to tourists.

Topolnicki Sr., John A.

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